Alistair Creed
Vanguard (Special)
Biographical Information
Birthplace the original Hope's Enigma
Gender Male
Race Human
Ethnicity British/Italian
Status Alive
Family Information
Parents • Allucard Creed (Father)
Dr. Celeste Creed (Mother)
Siblings Carmen Creed (older brother)
• Elaina Kryik (older sister)
• Jared Kaine (younger half brother)
• Dimitri Kaine (younger half brother)
Dr. Briella Turner (younger half sister)
Marital Status Married to Norah Creed
Children With Norah Creed
• Andrew Creed (son)
• Alison Creed (daughter)
With Olivia Creed
• Agent Katie Creed (daughter from an alternate universe
• Vincent Creed (son from an alternate universe
Character Information
Occupation Retired Alliance Navy
Face Claim Alexander Skarsgård

Alistair Creed is...

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