SoulHades Cadence Lee SoulHades

"Over the years I've learned that death is rather underrated, and time is a pain in the ass."
Biological Information
Birthplace: ?
Date of Birth: ?
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: American
Height: 6ft. 0in.
Weight: 185lbs.
Hair Color: Dk. Blue
Eye Color: Lilac
Family Information
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brothers: None
Sisters: Harmony Lee
Past Romances: Was engaged to Dr. Briella Turner, dated Kathryn Birchall briefly, dated Sophia Isaacs until his death. Also, had multiple encounters with Aphrodite.
Marital Status: Currently Dating Selina Allen
Children: Gabriel Lee (son with Aphrodite)
Character Information
Occupation: Co-Founder of S.H.I.E.L.D., is the weekend DJ for Guilty Pleasures
Affiliations: Creed Holdings, Inc.
Face Claim: Jake Gyllenhaal
Second Face Claim: {{{second face claim}}}

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