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Legal Information

“Les Livverse wiki", Often Called the “The Livverse shadow Broker Files" Is A Fan-Created Wikipedia based of the Quite popular “Mass Effect" Franchise of Electronic Games. It is protected by the Fact it is Considered Fair use and Will not Be held as Copyright infringement, as It It is “Fanfiction"(Fan-made Storylines and Such) and should not be considered part of the Mass Effect Universe.

Wikipedia Ownership

This Wikipedia is Owned By OliviaMarrcelles and was Founded By “Qwiby". All Characters belong to their respected owners and may not be used in a Parodic or mocking manner.


“Master Chief"(Poncho Chief) And other Halo media is Belonging to 343 Industries and Microsoft

Pandora and Other Borderlands locations are copyrighted By 2K.

“Felicia" Is Copyrighted By Capcom and Is used in a Respectful manner.

“Garrus Vakarian",“Tali'zorah", “Liara T'soni" “Commander Shepard", And “Steven Hackett"are Characters Created by Bioware Inc and owned By EA. The Quarian Symbol belongs to Bioware Inc and Ea.

All Artwork Borrowed from artists are used Respectfully and is fair Use.