The Deus Project is a program at Jon Grissom Academy to aid demigods with their training, special learning (as demigods have ADHD and Dyslexia), and anything they might need to blend in with current society. The program was originally split between the Greek Camp Half-Blood and its Roman counterpart, Camp Jupiter. Because of the Reaper War decimating much of both camps, Apollo decided to have them merged and brought to Grissom. The program is directed by Apollo, whom the students call “Happy Feet" because he can’t dance and Orion Marx, the son of Poseidon and the activities coordinator.


Apollo, the Project’s Director

That particular section of the school has magical borders that are enforced by the Golden Fleece that was found by Orion, the new Spider-Man Seth Birchall, and the time traveling and now Huntress Suzu Ootori. Stolen from Polyphemus’ island in the Grecian times, it is now framed and centered above the wing’s Atrium as the central focal point, ensuring that no monsters can get into that section. The Fleece is guarded by Suzu in her dragon form.

This particular section of the school is described as being the only safe place for half-bloods, and was created and put into fruition by Apollo to keep the kids, especially his, safe from harm.

Although the demigods live in the school’s main student housing and graduate from the educational programs Grissom offers, the Deus Project provides archery, a sword fighting arena, a climbing wall with lava for training, an amphitheater, an armory, a forge, and the Big Office.

The main entrance of the camp is through the secondary Atrium adorned with Greek Columns and the words "Deus Project." However, only the demigods can read it as it's in Latin and Greek.