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The Headmaster

"When life gets you down, just drink some fucking scotch."
Biological Information
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland, Earth
Date of Birth: April 21, 2156
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Scottish
Height: 5ft. 7in.
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Family Information
Father: Thomas Turner I
Mother: Unknown
Brothers: Charles Turner (brother)
Sisters: Sasha Vargas (through mother)
Past Romances: Dated Jasmin Hudson
Marital Status: Married to Dr. Briella Turner
Children: • Faith Marx (daughter, twin of Hope)
• Hope Annabeth Rhodes (daughter, twin of Faith)
• Timothy Turner (son)
• Cameron & Thomas Turner (also, twins)
• Charity Turner
Character Information
Abilities: • Telepathy
• Mind Reading and Control
• Memory alteration and erasure
• Induced paralysis
• Mental bolts (creating locks in the mind)
Weapons: None
Occupation: None
Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D
Face Claim: James McAvoy
Second Face Claim: {{{second face claim}}}

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