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“Destroy anything you want.. just.. don't touch my ship.”
Jamie Brooke
Biographical Information
Date of Birth August 15, 2155
Birthplace Elliot Hospital, Manchester, England, Earth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity British
Status Living
Family Information
Parents Edward & Janice Brooke (both deceased)
Siblings Ellie Birchall (sister)
Olivia Creed (adoptive)
Maya T'Leena (adoptive)
Past Romances Was married to Peter Smith
Dated Alex McFadden
Was married to Kaidan Alenko
Marital Status Married to Jared Kaine
Children None
Character Information
Abilities Basic Biotic skills, albeit more powerful than the average human. Proficient with a handgun.
Weapons None
Occupation Retired pilot of the Normandy SR-3
Affiliations Systems Alliance Navy
White Wolf
Creed Holdings, Inc.
Face Claim Alexandria Breckenridge

Jamie Brooke is a retired pilot who currently lives on the Citadel with her fiancé and the love of her life, Jared Kaine.


Jamie is about 5 foot 9 inches tall, has long, wavy ginger hair, green eyes, and a freckly face. When she isn't wearing her Alliance uniform, she tends to wear the causal shorts and T-shirts. She has a small tattoo on her wrist and a huge scar on her left kneecap due to past events.


Jamie is a kind, strong willed woman who would do anything for her family and those she considers friends. She has a fairly relaxed personality until you mention her previous weight (as she was quite overweight and self conscious), mess with her family, touches her shoes, or messes with her ship. At which, she will get viciously angry. She dearly loves her sister Ellie and has developed a sort of friendly rivalry with Olivia, with whom she tends to get drunk with and cause chaos on occasion.

She, however, loves to live a quiet life and when bored. She'll fix the occasional shuttle, read a book, or shop for shoes.


Under Construction


  • Jamie still struggles to walk properly on her knee.
  • Jamie's closet is filled to the brim with shoes, more than she has clothes.

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