“I am that weird girl with the cybernetic eyes that talks to machines. ¿Así que lo que?”
Kylie Quintana Quirós
Biographical Information
Age 19
Date of Birth December 13, 2172
Birthplace Hospital La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain, Earth
Gender Female
Race Human
Ethnicity Spanish
Status Living
Family Information
Parents Juan & Guadalupe Quirós. (Both Deceased)
Siblings One brother, doesn't know him
Past Romances None
Marital Status Currently crushing on Elijah Byzantium
Children None
Character Information
Alter Ego The Mechromancer
Spec. Abilities Can manipulate any technology by just touching it.
Weapons Shotgun, C-Sec issued
Occupation Level 3 CSI Technician for C-Sec's Network Division
Affiliations C-Sec
Face Claim Vanessa Hudgens

Kylie Quintana Quirós is the current technopath of Heroes, girlfriend of Elijah Byzantium, and a level 3 crime scene investigator for the Network division of the Citadel Security Services. Currently, she lives on Elijah's ship and helps him with his inventions.


Kylie was born in Madrid, Spain to Juan & Guadalupe Quirós, two of the wealthiest people in the country. They made their money through Eldfell-Ashland Energy which is a human mining corporation run by the Issacs family. Their early investment helped the company limp along during their dark time, and with young Kylie, they thought their dark times were over as well. However at the tender age of only six months, Kylie's vision started to fail her and after another six months, she went completely blind.

Kylie spent years being blind, only relying on her other four senses to help guide her through her more tumultuous times. Her parents