The Five Founding Families of the LivVerse have an unclear role in the entire picture of the universe, but they are the five families that carry the most weight either in culture, social, or even governmental aspects. Whereas the Marcellus' and Birchalls have social sway; the Turners and the Shales have financial sway. As the Creeds have social and financial sway, they also have political sway as Allucard Creed is the Human Councilor for the Citadel Council.

The Five
Founding families


Marcellus Family

Main article: The Marcellus Family
Marcellus profile
"Consumebant quæ vos can. Dabit nihil desperantes et."
"Take what you can. Give nothing back." – The Marcellus Family Code.

The Marcellus Clan is a family of pirates descendant of the earthen pirates of lore. It's said that the Marcelluses descended from one of the very first pirates in existance: Gentius of Illyria. Over the course of time and through many generations, the surname of Marcellus was incorporated and the legend of the notorious pirate family grew.

Creed Family

Main article: The Creed Family
Creed profile
"A knight is sworn to valor. His heart knows only virtue. His blade defends the helpless. His might upholds the weak. His word speaks only truth. His wrath undoes the wicked." – The Creed.

The Creed family is a family of descendants from the Arthurian legends.

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Birchall Family

Main article: The Birchall Family
Birchall profile

The Birchall family is a family descendant from the philosophers and intellects of the past.

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Shale Family

Main article: The Shale Family
Shale profile

The Shale Family...

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Turner Family

Main article: The Turner Family
Turner profile

The Turner Family...

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