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We hope you enjoy role playing with the LivVerse. Come see us again, ya hear?

General Rules:

All the accounts a writer has within in the LivVerse will be treated as the same person. In short, creating another character doesn't allow you to become a new writer, just a new character. I, Olivia, should know what account belongs to who to keep track of who writes for who in the verse as we've had problems before, and will not share this information unless I am told to do so.

  1. The limit of how many secondary accounts you can make is all based on what you, the writer, can handle. There is also no limit for inactivity on secondary accounts (as long as I know about them), but there is a limit on your main RP account.
  2. Your main account should be your main priority along with their storylines, relationships, etc. You are not allowed to create an account to escape the pressures you've created on your main. Either you can change which account you declare to be your main once in a year, or write your main out of the verse via death or coma or something respectful and story related. Options for this can be discussed with the Boss (Olivia) and the BanHammer (Jay).
  3. Non-Player accounts can be created but the limit is two per person. UPDATE: Due to a writer departure from the verse, this rule will be enforced, but not strictly. These NPC accounts must be named aptly and once the RP is over, changed back to a generic NPC account.

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