The Quest for Noah Rhodes
Orion Marx, Seth Birchall, and Suzu Ootori.
Goal To retrieve the Golden Fleece to resurrect Noah Rhodes.
Quest Leader Orion Marx
Number of Members 3
Other Members Seth Birchall
Suzu Ootori
Prophecy The Prophecy
Location Ancient Greece
Result Noah Rhodes was resurrected successfully.

The Quest for Noah Rhodes was a quest given to Orion Marx by the Oracle (Ellie Birchall) as a means to bring back Noah Rhodes. Orion, Seth Birchall, and a reluctant Suzu Ootori took the quest and was later joined by multiple gods and goddess for short periods. During the quest, they three of them got to know each other as well as Suzu learned how to control her powers to a better degree.


You shall find she who weaves time as you wield the sea,
To save the one from harm and set the children free.
You shall find what you seek and make it your own,
And bring dawn to the darkness which is set in stone.

Unraveling the Prophecy

This prophecy unravels throughout the role play:

  1. Orion Marx and Seth Birchall head back to Grissom in the middle of the night and run into Suzu Ootori in the dark halls as she was headed back to her room from the library. They run into her and as the three of them try to understand why they're all there at the same time, the entire group is attacked by pit scorpions. Suzu gets frightened because she could see through the mist and freaks out, which makes her powers go haywire. This sends them back into Ancient Greece.
  2. During their quest for the Golden Fleece, they come across a village that's getting attacked by hellhounds and Harpies. Seth and Orion defend a home where there are two little children hiding in a closet. Once the battle is over, and they meet up with Leea Marx, Orion's mother, Orion realizes that it wasn't Poseidon and Apollo defending them as children, it was him and Seth.
  3. Orion, Seth, and Suzu find the Golden Fleece and take it from Polyphemus, the Cyclops.
  4. Once Suzu learns how to get control over her powers, she sends the three of them back home and Orion uses the Fleece on Noah.