The Quest for the Flauros
Suzu Ootori, Nathan Octavius, and Casandria Aquilus depart Grissom to find the Flauros.
Goal To find the Hephaestus' Flauros.
Quest Leader Suzu Ootori
Number of Members 3
Other Members Nathan Octavius
Casandria Aquilus
Prophecy the Prophecy
Location Silent Hill, Maine Year: 1998
Result {{{result}}}

The Quest for the Flauros was a quest given to Suzu Ootori by Apollo to retrieve Hephaestus' Flauros as a means to drag out and destroy the puppet-master controlling Callie Gillespie. Apollo chose Suzu because she can travel through time and the quest called for going back to a certain date. Suzu, Nathan Octavius, and Casandria Aquilus take the quest at Hazel Birchall's behest and was later joined by Artemis and the huntresses for a short period.


There was no prophecy given by the oracle (Ellie Birchall), as Apollo was the one who'd sent the demigods on their way because of the state of the school as it stood. He watched them as Suzu took Nathan and Casandria back in time to the year of 1998 and to Silent Hill, Maine.

The Result of the Quest

The three of them start off in Rosewater Park and had to make their way around to Old Silent Hill. On the way, they were thrown into the even ts of the very first Silent Hill story as they meet up with a man named Harry Mason. He tells them that he's looking for his daughter and if they help him, he will help them find the Flauros. They all travel to Balkan Church and are stopped by Dahlia. Alessa, trying to stop her mother, splits the group between the Silent Hill that's Normal and the Otherworld.

Now being split from Harry Suzu, Nathan, and Casandria navigate the Otherworld until they run into a nurse whose name is Lisa Garland. Upon being asked about Alessa and why she shares the same name with Callie, Lisa explains the story about Alessa to the group, but she doesn't know who "Callie" is.

Suzu Nathan Casandria Aquilus