Ren Kirahhe
Ren Kirahhe
Huerta Memorial

Normandy SR-3

Medic for the Normandy

Standard Pistol

Unique Trait
Accident Prone
“Don't worry about me, I'm okay.”

Ren Kirahhe is a young salarian doctor. Formerly an apprentice to Doctor Shale, Ren has recently been hired on as the medic for the Normandy SR-3


Ren has green skin and large dark grey eyes.  He tends to wear a standard medical white shirt and red vest. 


Ren is an extremely energetic and innocent person.  Eager to meet and help people, he tends to rush headlong into situations without any understanding of the situation.  His tendency to leap without looking has made him incredibly accident prone and he is known to often slam into things that he should have seen coming.

However, these tendencies do not affect his work.  Whenever medical assistance is needed, Ren is as skilled and focused as doctors far more experienced then him.


Doctor Shale: Ren's former Mentor. Their time together was brief but Ren impressed Shale enough for Shale to recommend him to work on the Normandy.


Until the Reaper War, Ren was a fairly standard Salarian with no real interest beyond a genuine loving of people.  However, once his family became refugees during the war, Ren began assisting the other refugees whenever he could. After the war he enrolled in medical school on the Citadel where he quickly excelled above all the other students. After four years he decided to take an apprenticeship at Huerta choosing to work under Shale becuase his medical training was the most unique.


  • Even by Salarian standards, Ren advanced through medical school extremely fast.
  • Before the war, Ren had never encountered another species.
  • He has always secretly dreamed of being a Spectre but he has no combat skill.
  • As his last name suggest, Ren is distantly related to Major Kirahhe.

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