Silversun strip front
The Silversun Strip is a location on the Citadel. It features the Armax Arsenal Arena, the Silver Coast Casino, Castle Arcade, the Creed Holdings Inc. owned Tiberius Towers, Creed Holding Inc. Headquarters, and a small bar inside and outside of the Casino.

After the battle of the Reapers, the Silversun Strip went into a state of disrepair as the owners either left the Citadel or were killed. It wasn't until Olivia Creed purchased Tiberius Towers and prominent people flocked back to the area that the revitalization began. Now, it's a very exclusive area for the elite to dwell, and hosts the council on occasion.

Points of Interest

POI SilversunStrip
Parking Garage and Shuttle dock
  • This is more than just a station now. It's a small dock where you can park your shuttles, skycars, and small ships.
Silversun Strip
  • An Avina terminal
  • There are small storefront shops in this area along with a small outdoor cafe.
Lower Silversun Strip
  • On the weekends, there is usually a small vendor fair here.
Tiberius Towers
  • In the lobby of the towers there are two elevators that face each other, aptly named One and Two for their numbered towers, respectively. Towards the back is an elevator that has no buttons on it and a surveillance camera above its doors. It also has a turquoise key code panel, symbolizing the residents.
Armax Arsenal Arena
  • A procurement terminal and a weapon upgrade terminal can be found adjacent to the prize redemption kiosk.
Castle Arcade
  • The interactive arcade games Shattered Eezo, Claw Game, and Relay Defense can be found in this area.
Silver Coast Casino
  • The interactive casino games Quasar, roulette, and varren racing can be found in this area.
  • The top level of the bar in the Silver Coast Casino is called the After Party and is exclusive to those directly tied to the Creed Family, employees of Guilty Pleasures, and the Council. It is also rented out on formal occasions, as it's the most posh bar in the Presidium.

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