England, Paris, The Caribbean.


Erik Turner, Sam & Katie Birchall, Penny Thomas, Dr. Jason Turner, Dr. Bruce Robertson, Charles Turner, James & Ellie Birchall.


Sam Birchall decided to leave London, England to visit his parents, James & Ellie Birchall, in the Caribbean and because Katie Birchall couldn't take the time off from working at Creed Castle, she elected to stay behind and take care of Seth.

As Sam was travelling to the Caribbean, his spider senses went off in Paris and he found himself coming face to face with Father and Son duo Charles and Erik Turner, respectively. A verbal scuffle started and Erik won, injecting Sam with a serum that dulled his senses. A fight then broke out between Charles and Erik because Charles was disappointed at his son's actions. As they fought, Erik managed to throw a knife in Sam's direction, stabbing him straight through the heart. Victorious, Erik then got away and Charles was left to take Sam's deceased body to Ellie. Ellie broke down at the sight of her dead son and blamed Charles for his death. Katie was also summoned and the moment she saw Sam's dead body, she vowed revenge on her husband's killer.

Meanwhile, Katie returned home to plan her strategy and gather forces when she was ambushed by Erik, who'd been waiting for her. He then injected a heavy sedative, ironically the same sedative Charles used on Ellie in the past, and kidnapped Katie. He then took her back to his laboratory and encased her in an incubation tube, to keep her sedated, yet alive.

Once the news that Katie had been kidnapped reached Charles, he then decided to go to his brother, Dr. Jason Turner for help. After speaking with Charles, Jason agreed to allow his old friend from Cerberus, Dr. Bruce Robertson, to take Charles' heart and and give it to Sam. They them left for England said their goodbyes. Charles apologized for everything he'd done, and the surgery began.

Once Sam awoke, he grilled Bruce for information, but the doctor was completely out of the loop. Sam was given some blood pressure meds to make sure his heart didn't explode, and sent on his way. When Jason awoke, as he'd slept most of the time Sam was recuperating, he sent Sam an OT message, giving him the coordinates to Katie's location.

Sam then stormed the Chateau in search for his wife, but was stopped by Penny Thomas. She convinced Sam to let her help him and she led him to Katie's location as she distracted Erik by changing into Katie. Sam then saved Katie, after his own heart broke as it reminded him of the time when he saved his mother, and left the Chateau with his scared and frightened wife.


Charles Turner: Deceased
Sam Birchall: Was killed, but posthumously given Charles Turner's heart in order to be brought back to life.