London, England.


Primarily Katie Birchall, Sam Birchall, Penny Thomas, Erik Turner, and the rest of Heroes and the Villains

Plot Summary:

Erik gained the technology of the Green Goblin and unleashed hell on the City, looking to kill Sam so that he can have Katie, the woman he loves, all to himself. He also needed Sam's blood to cure a rare disease he has inherited from Charles. As the City burned, Erik pretended to kidnap Katie, who was really Penny. When Sam came to the rescue, Erik pretended to kill Penny to allow Sam to think Katie had died. As Sam the supposed death of his wife in his arms, he submitted to Erik. As Erik tortured him physically for the decay rate algorithm, He also tortured Sam emotionally, making him believe his son Seth was also dead. While Sam was missing, Katie and Gavin mounted a rescue operation for the injured man. Erik's torture was cut short as Katie and Gavin stormed the warehouse and saved Sam. Erik escaped with Penny, although, he got some of the information he needed to start Project:Alice.