Grissom Academy.


Grissom and some parents from Heroes and the Villians. Centers around numerous characters.


The letter reads, "It's that time of year and Grissom is hosting another Parent's Day. Parent's Day has always been the open time where parents can come to Grissom and see their child's dorms, speak to the teachers, and get a general idea of how the school runs. Please come and share with us on this glorious day." However, what the letter sent home doesn't explain is that it's more than just a time for parents to visit their children. With the addition of new students this year and the stigma behind some of them, this year's Parent's Day will be an event to remember.

There were plenty of events to happen with all characters. Please check with writers to see what happened with their characters exactly. The result is the casualties below.


Erik Turner was killed by Seth Birchall and Erik's Glider.
Daisy Marx was killed by accident.
Noah Rhodes died from complications of Osteosarcoma after wedding Annabeth Birchall.