Sith Bombardment


London, England.


The Heroes and the Villians


Through a rift in space, Darth Cyaedus and his fleet of Harrower Class Dreadnoughs managed to cross over to the LivVerse. Seeing a golden opportunity to take control of planet Earth, he ensconced his entire fleet behind the moon and decided to scout the Earth with a small army of about five thousand troops. When he landed, he went straight for Creed Castle. But what Cyaedus didn't know was that Gavin Aurora, having been sent into the future and foresaw what would happen if they failed, had already assembled the team which consisted of: Sam & Katie Birchall and their darker counterparts, Samuel & Kathryn Birchall, Drs. Jason & Briella Turner, Lucas & Sunny Hayes, Giuliana & Geovanni Aurora, Martin Isaacs, Sophia Brown, and Aimee Ford. As Cyaedus tried to take over Creed Castle, he and his army were thwarted by the Heroes. As the fighters gathered themselves after the battle, they headed back to Gavin's mansion to realize that some troopers had broken off and infiltrated the fortress. As Sophia and Sunny were hiding, Briella had given her life to keep them safe. A few months passed as Cyaedus worked with a sorrowful Lt. Laila Jordan, who'd lost the love of her life in the assault on the Castle. She used Lt. Caleb "Crow" Grant to gather the information and give it to Cyaedus in exchange for Christian's resurrection. But she was deceived and the moment she realized it, she told the group what she'd done and they prepared. In turn, Cyaedus launched his biggest assault, around twenty thousand troops, against Gavin's mansion. As the group slaughtered the troopers and kept them from entering the mansion, Gavin took on Cyaedus. After a fight, Cyaedus was subdued by Gavin and beheaded by his apprentice for killing her father. Cyaedus's fleet was also destroyed by an explosion set by the Apprentice, so the falling debris destroyed the rest of the army that the Rebellion couldn't take care of in time. The Rebellion, once again, prevailed.


Dr. Briella Turner: Died in the first wave, but was brought back by Sam, Samuel, and Giuliana with Briella's files on the Lazarus Project.
Darth Cyaedus: Was killed by his apprentice.
Christian O'Connor: Died in the battle.


First Wave:
Katie Birchall: Got shot in the shoulder.
Second Wave:
Sam Birchall: Shot to the hip.
Kathryn Birchall: Shot to the abdomen.
Giuliana Aurora: A bullet grazed her throat, punctured her jugular.
Jason Turner: Became unconscious from blood loss through the nose.
Geovanni Aurora: Knocked unconscious.
Martin Isaacs: Broken Leg.
Sunny Hayes: Became unconscious from blood loss through the nose.

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