Sunnyvale Manor is not just any institution for the criminally insane. It's the Ivy League of insanity. An "Oxford" for psychopaths like me. Items aren't allowed inside no matter how small or commonplace they may appear because those simple bits and pieces fall into the hands of the best, brightest, and sickest villains in the galaxy. People you've put here, Sammie boy. People like me, who want to see your head on a platter. So step lightly, brother.

– Eric Turner, describing Sunnyvale to Sam Birchall

Sunnyvale Manor is one of the central locations and focus for the Villains of the Heroes universe.


Sunnyvale Manor

View of Sunnyvale upon approach

Sunnyvale Manor is located on the outskirts of London, and is where most of S.H.I.E.L.D's foes that are considered to be legally insane are incarcerated. The Manor was built in 1380 and served as the largest bubonic plague ward in London. During this time, an estimated 100,000 residents died within its walls. Over the centuries it has passed through many owners, rebuilt after two large fires and the Reaper War, and turned over to a private investor, Dr. Issac Blackwood, and renovated yet again.


Sunnyvale Manor 2

Full view of the Manor and surrounding area

The facility is a hybrid facility with an older, worn facade that Issac tried to keep up for appearances. Inside, however, houses a state of the art facility that includes administrative offices, a common room for the recreation of certain residents that plays soft music, a greenhouse, and rooms for the residents to reside in. Most of the non-combative and more important residents stay on the upper wards. A soundproof and heavily insulated lower level houses those that are being held against their will, are extremely combative, and are biotic. There's also a lab for experimentation and research, but is rarely used.


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Dr. Issac Blackwood is the owner, CEO, and head Administrator of the Manor. However, the residents admitted to Sunnyvale are, and always were, varied. Katie Birchall spent some time in there due to Belthazor putting her there for safe keeping and her husband Sam for a couple of hours as Erik locked them both inside Katie's room. There's also the maniacal Erik Turner, the homicidal Quinn Turner, the crazy Dr. Joseph Phillips, the couple William Jones and Faye Mackenzie, the usually insane Kathryn Birchall and her husband Samuel Birchall, the innocent (at the time) Selina Allen, and a host of others.