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February 28, 2015

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Thankfully, it’s been fairly quiet (except for certain people still trying their hardest to attack us). However, we will overcome and endure, as we’ve done for a long while now. We are a verse of survivors and as Destiny’s Child has said, “I’m a survivor, and I’m not going to give up.”

Now, with that said, let’s get down to the real reason I’m doing an announcement.

A few things have come to my personal attention and I felt that I should highlight this. We’ve got this down to a science and to be fair, I think we can work it this way. Classic is and always was a collaborative effort between me and Jay, so stories and important character changes, etc… they will probably come from either of us. (In all honesty, it’s really Jay’s baby). If you have ideas, please swing them by us and we’ll implement them and get the characters together. Heroes is a collaborative effort between Sam, Aimee, Marty, and me so most of what happens there will probably stem from me with their input. Grissom has been delegated to Sam specifically because it was his idea to start that verse so, any stories will be on him. Divine (formerly Olympians), I have decided to delegate to Angel because she seems to love the lore, etc… So, if anything comes from there, it’s probably from Angel.

If there are others who want to start something, the LivVerse as a whole is continually growing. This pleases me as this is like a dream come true that all of you are constantly adding to. It speaks volumes that this verse has been in existence for two years and that it’s never stopped rolling. I thank you all, as you are all great minds and together, we have so much still left to do.

Moving on.

On the weekends, since Angel has such a limited time here, we will think of a theme to do and roll with it. Having big storylines has come to be more of a hindrance than a help, and the bigger storylines take entirely too long to accomplish. The current storyline with Grissom will be solved this week, so Grissom will be back to working order by end of next week, closer to next weekend. We also need to get together to figure out what we are doing with the characters that will be graduating, and setting a date for graduation.

With all that said, I hope everyone is having fun and I’ll see you on the Twitterweb.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 00:05, March 1, 2015 (UTC)

December 3, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

This is a special announcement from me, Olivia (It's really coming from Karrin, but most y'all call me Liv anyway). So, here goes.

Starting January 1, 2015, I will be implementing various changes across my real life, LivVerse, and the extensions thereof. Some are more massive than others; others seem to be less relevant in the grand scheme of things. But they are all important and affect us all as a unit.

And so it begins.

  1. My motto for the coming year will be: "I just can't be arsed." Unless it’s LivVerse and a very small few outside of the core group, I just can’t be arsed with the Twitter/Internet bullshit anymore. If anyone has anything to say about me or this verse or anything else alluding to me or others, I just don’t care. What I don't see firsthand, doesn't exist to me. I'm tired of drowning myself in bullshit that won't amount to anything. No one is ballsy enough to approach me anyway, so let them have their opinion because it's all talk and hot air from buffoons. They are completely entitled and just like everyone else’s opinion, I can’t be arsed to care about it. This is my world, my rules. Don't like it.... well, you know which way to go.
  1. LivVerse will stay a closed verse indefinitely (unless otherwise specified by me, since this is my verse). This includes Grissom and Heroes. It's been fairly quiet and we finally have a rhythm going, which has made RP fun again for me and the rest of us. We work better as a pack, than as lone wolves (Thank you Rayne ad your little bitch dog Brandon for helping me realize that). And the people I have surrounded myself with have been part of why I stay. For that, I thank you all tremendously.
  1. As with the aforementioned, I am following a suit that I should have followed a long time ago. I have decided that if you associate with those that verbally abuse and throw insults just because the day ends in "y," then I have no need for you in my life or in this verse. Regardless of what you may feel or think, friends don't let friends attack each other or gossip behind each other's backs, and that's the bottom line. I've gone through muting and blocking a lot of the people (primarily the worst offenders), but I will continue until I am completely happy with the result.
  1. My hours with certain accounts will be strictly enforced. I've gone stark raving shit nuts these past few months and I've broken my own rules. I've lacked on things I was supposed to do (haven't touched a video game in like months (unless it was MEMP and MEMP doesn't count) and I'm slowly trying to catch up on Teen Wolf before the fifth season starts) Well, it's time for me to step up to the plate. As I've stated before, I'm allowed to be semi-selective and I am going to start. Most of you already know what hours I play with whom, so if you don't get a response. I'm sorry. You have been warned.
  1. As for the wiki. Now, there has been a lot of personal problems on my end because I've been so damned scatterbrained. My days to update any info and work on it is Thursdays. For those that maintain your own pages, more power to you. I will be doing changes with simple things like categories and the like, so don't think I'm changing your pages because I'm not. I will be specific with the comments in what my changes will be so that you can see what I've done. The entire wiki will be categorized, changed, and the like. Pages will be moved, changed, and etc. I've got to get a handle on these things because I also primarily maintain our affiliate wiki and it's becoming quite frustrating.
  1. On to the Tumblr, Twitter Feed, and etc. I plan to use @TDKLV like an actual news feed and link it to longer stories via Tumblr. Think of the Tumblr as a newspaper and the twitter feed like how CNN does when they link to their website. If we're going to use this and enjoy the perks, we should do it right. As for the announcements, they will stay the same. They will remain here for ease of use.
  1. In reference to the affiliate verse (the second one, which is more of a crossover than an affiliate), I've gotten everything prepared and anything you'd like to send me things my email is Anything you'd like added to your section of the wiki, please send me the info. Again, our wiki gets updated on Thursdays and if you'd like to start working on it, let me know. I'll help in anyway I can so nothing vital gets deleted or messed up.

With all that stated, I think I've dropped all that was on my mind. Have a good holiday and see y'all in 2015.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 20:23, December 3, 2014 (UTC)

November 23, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Welp, we're creeping on another holiday season.

As I reread all of the announcements from a year ago, I've realized we've all come such a long way. All the new characters, the character shifts, the additions and subtractions...everything. And the one thing I'm thankful for, is you all. Without all of us, LivVerse would have gone under a long time ago. And without you, I wouldn't have personally grown as a person and for that, I thank you. Aimee, Marty, Sam, Rayne, Jamie, Tali, Jay, Ella, Marcus, Angel, Shale... all of you. Thank you for being a part of my life for this long. And I hope, there's many more years of fun and imaginnering.

Okay. So I have decided to bring Olivia back to the LivVerse full time. No more flipping verses to be with Dacrai. I realized that Olivia is needed more in her own verse, and it was kinda fucked up what we were doing to Carmen. So, she's back. Beware. :)

Now to the fun stuff. Since it's the holidays I usually shut down heavy operations (the more in-depth role plays) for the next month or so, to allow us to the three Rs: relax, revive, and rediscover. Also, some are working more than others (as the holiday season sucks) or have family to visit (which I'd rather be working -_-), and that's alright. What I'm planning on doing is shutting down most of Heroes and all of Grissom until after the first of the year. This lets most of us go form our obligations and gives us a chance to focus on other things.

As for other things. Jay and I were talking last night and we thought of something that would seem fun, and gets rid of a lot of RP conflicts. Carmen & Olivia; Alistair & Norah; Ranger & Quinn; Jared & Jamie; and Marcus & Angel (Shale & Atura will join as needed) will all find themselves on the Normandy SR3. This will be beneficial for characters to meet and have some time to relax themselves. This will take place after Katie and Sam's Christmas party. Sam and Katie will probably be around, but in a small capacity.

As for that, if there's any updates, I'll update. But for now, this is all I got.

Have a Happy Holiday and see you guys real soon.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 00:04, November 24, 2014 (UTC)

November 5, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

We all know what's coming up in less than two days.

N7 day. Woop Woop!

So I've got some shit planned and all side RPs in all verses will be stopped for N7 events. Last year, we had a blast as it was Norah and Katie who battled against Alistair for the graduating N6 students and this was also their moment of truth, as Norah and Katie were inducted into the Creed.

This year, I got some good fights on the roster.

For starters, it's now Olivia's turn to be inducted into the Creed and her adversary is her daughter, Katie. This fight will take place midday because I write for both of them and that's when I'm most available. You can see the highlights once it's over. Once it is, then Carmen and the gang will give her the weapon that was chosen for her and she will be inducted in a similar way Katie and Norah were.

Secondly, Older Katie will be teeing off with Alison Creed in front of the MTAC students at Grissom in a similar way Katie once did for her Uncle in front of ICT. This will probably happen later because one of the people I need is GMT and I want everyone to see this one.

I'll add an update later, as I'm tired s of right now.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 07:39, November 6, 2014 (UTC)

September 1, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Man. It's been a while, hasn't it? But then again, I've been really busy with life.

So, during my trip to Las Vegas I had time to gather my thoughts and reassess where exactly we were all going with our RPs. I also had the chance to speak to each and every one of the active writers of the Verse one on one and I have come to a conclusion.

I concluded with a lengthy talk with Jay on Skype (until 5am this morning) and came to a conclusion. As amazing as these huge SLs that we come up with are, with how many people and characters are involved it's impossible to finish them in a timely manner. Real life makes it difficult to have everyone on at one shot. So, I've devised a plan to keep it simple, fun, and keep the ideas rotating.

Here's what I've done.

A new character will surface and his name is The Observer (@Observe_Silence). Now, I'm not saying who writes for this person, but I guarantee it's one of our own. Creepy things will start to happen surrounding this character and all other characters, so don't be afraid of this account. Just... expect creepy shit with your character and expect to see this man or woman from time to time. He is a plot device and will be used as such.

In the coming days, I will be making a page dedicated to the Short SLs we all come up with. The biggest thing to come up will be Parent's Day at Grissom. This is going to be short lived, and chalked full of fun surprises. The next planned one is going to be the Halloween one and that one is guaranteed to be awesome. It only affects Grissom, though. As I do this, I will post the Verse, synopsys, and etc. so no one is confused when the time comes.

I will amend this announcement as things arise, but this is it for now.

Love y'all.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 04:52, September 2, 2014 (UTC)

July 4, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Fuck that once a month thing I said two months ago. Let's go with when it's relevant.


Happy 4th of July to those that live in America. It's been a weird day for me, as it rained and thunderstormed most of the day. Such is life, but hey, I'm excited again.

The LivVerse is once again, branching off. A few of the other writers and I (because none of us can really keep still and Donnolly keeps yelling at me that none of the storylines can be followed easily) have branched off again. This time, it's not as complicated as the other ones as this is easy to explain. Think of where your kids will be in 20 years and poof, you have LVG: The Grissom Years.

Grissom academy insignia by nimblejack3-d721007

Grissom Adacemy

This particular Verse is set 25 years after the Reaper war. It centers around a young woman named Daisy Marx, who arrives at the newly redesigned Grissom Academy to spend her four years of learning. Think Rusty Cartwright in Greek, the ABC TV show. If you've ever seen this show, then you've become my best friend.

The idea is that Grissom Academy has become a galactic beacon, and it's not necessarily Systems Alliance owned anymore. It's open to all races and cultures, run by a a single galactic government. So, those that would like to maybe be a part of it, you can be teacher, or student. Doesn't matter the race, it's open to all.

It's still based on Mass effect with the technologies and locales and the elder characters, but because of a storyline that I don't want to spoil much of, 2% of the children born are born with abilities; rather that be time travel, rapid regeneration, etc.

This will kick off soon, but I am leaving starting July 9 - July 16 on my own holiday so things will stop for that week. Also, my birthday falls on July 11, so I might pop in say hi.

More will follow later, when this is up and running. However, those that just want to just follow, Daisy is the main character. I will try to update her journal entries on the Wiki daily, so you can keep track of what's happening and if you even want to be involved.

Now I have fireworks to go see so...

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:27, July 5, 2014 (UTC)

May 29, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Quick update and reminder: Because I'm the only one moderating and keeping maintenance on the Wiki, if you change your face claim, please let me know so that I can change your picture accordingly. I can't possibly keep up with 40+ members on my own. So, if you did this one thing for me, I'll love you forever. As Mia Tano would say, THANKIES!

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 09:42, May 29, 2014 (UTC)

May 26, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

It's been a while since I've done this, but I will try to do this once a month from now on.

So, I've done a bunch of things.


First of all, as you all probably know now, Jamie and a few other writers have gone on holiday and won't be back until May 30th. Because those writers are my good peeps, I have decided to be off certain accounts and such in solidarity with them. Also, I've decided to take the time to improve the LivVerse and make it known that we aren't going anywhere. This started as a conversation sparked between Jamie and I and we both realized some of the writers were tired of the MERP verse and it's story, so they branched off. Here's the details of everything:

1. I've done a little fucking around with the mechanic behind the verse. For starters; verse wide news, things of the sort, and other miscellaneous crap will appear on the Tumblr page for The Daily Kitty™, which will get posted on its corresponding Twitter account. It's the only way I can avoid Twitlonger and get out the entire story I want to portray. Treat this as like you're watching the news. Once I settle into my groove and start hastagging shit and etc, then hopefully it will look more uniformed.

2. I've rearranged the entire LivVerse into three groups. The third group is a completely inactive group and only exists so I can keep track of the babies being born. It's a hassle, trust me, especially when people keep having twins. But it's there for my own personal record keeping. The second group, The LivVerse: Rebellion, is a verse of superheroes based on comic book superheroes. Who their powers are based off of, or what they wish to be called, are above their names on the Wiki. However, you don't know who they are until they tell you.

Well, that's all I have to say about things. If I think of anything else, I'll make another announcement.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 23:28, May 26, 2014 (UTC)

March 24, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

I'm excited that Maya has decided to come back and has grazed us with her presence. I missed her terribly, but I understood why she had to leave. Although it was a brief appearance, I hope to see her more often. Please make her return a good one and treat her like family because all in all, we all are a big family in our own way.

So, here’s the real reason for the announcement. I have gotten together with the Sages (Carmen, Jamie, and Shale) and there is a small storyline that will deal with Shale, Olivia, Jared, and the Birchalls (James, Sam, Katie), and whoever else wants in. This storyline will force Shale, Olivia, and Jared to be off the TL for about a week or two as they are going to be going to become their younger selves. The story is going to take Sam and Katie back in time and to the days where these said characters will be younger. So, if you see avi’s changing and things happening that aren’t necessarily understandable or relevant to the current time, don’t worry there’s a reason. Also, lately we have been incorporating the “aftermath” slowly but surely into RPs now, so if people change or the dynamic changes between characters, this is why.

Secondly, I am changing the format of my wiki pages. RPs happen so fast and I just don’t have the time to update actual biographies. So, if you want to follow said trend, keep your eye on Katie’s page because she is the one I’m modifying to fit the format first. When you see the under construction banner disappear, then you know it’s complete. If you need me to work on your pages, (because Jamie just #CantBeArsed with doing it), or need some HTML or Wiki formatting help, then please DM me and we’ll get together on Skype and do the damn thing.

Thirdly, I am going to be cleaning up the wiki and making changes to different things. There will be a storylines column, which I will try to keep updated so everyone knows what’s going on in the verse at all times. Right now, there’s the War going on and the aftermath of the attack on the Citadel. There’s the Ilos project still going on, where Celeste and Allucard are heading the research project into the mysteries of the Conduit and the Omega 4 Relay. These are the main two right now that all characters should be intertwined with.

When I can get things together; Shale, Blue, Chief, and Nitro will all get special commendations from the Council for their efforts in defending the Citadel from the Mechs. I don’t know if the Pro Tem Council will do this, or if the new Council will. I haven’t figured it out, however, it will happen.

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 02:11, March 25, 2014 (UTC)

March 14, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

As of March 14, 2014, all story lines that are currently taking place in the LivVerse (Katie/Sam, SR3 crew, Jason/Briella, etc) are all on pause for this weekend for a few reasons.

Here they are. 

Last night, and I’ll be honest, some major drama that has been a long time coming erupted centering around Olivia (the way her character is written) and I have reached my wits end. One thing I am saying now: if you associate with Sera and her ilk on a close knit basis, you will not be welcomed by me. You will not get a follow. With that stated, there are a few special people that I will still follow because I’ve known them for a long time and I don’t have a particular problem with. But as of Saturday (or when I deem it necessary), I will be going on an unfollow spree.

Olivia herself is on a brief hiatus. When I return, I will be focusing more on Olivia’s character development (actually, all character development) and the LivVerse as a whole. I am stepping back to assess the verse and is members and take note of what’s important story wise. I will be making a checklist of things that logically need to happen. My faithful deserve my attention.

You all haven’t been getting what it is that’s important because of the rope around my neck. Best believe, as of Monday, you will start seeing the Olivia that once was; the Neko that everyone loved beyond a shadow of a doubt; that charming, charismatic, and crazy woman who loved without regrets. And by the way, from now on, Olivia is Carmen’s and will be that way. End of discussion.

Let me say this once, and only once. If you have a problem with the way I role play the character of Olivia Creed, then tell me now and I can politely write you out of the verse or unfollow me now. Olivia is a very special character to me and the way she’s written is serious, although she’s played as not. With this said, her SLs are carefully planned and written with care. There are certain things I allow in the verse and this is because these things have been cleared with me beforehand. Nothing happens without a history. Nothing happens without a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Get used to it.

Also, the LivVerse is on a brief vacation because of writers and real life interferences. This is alright and has been talked over with the main group (I consider the main group as Olivia, Carmen, Jamie, and Shale). I have things to do, Jay has obligations; Jamie has obligations; Shale better finish my new avi and shit (kidding). We are also having a meeting and falling back to regroup and reestablish the Verse to its original grandeur. I also have commitments on wikis and other accounts and really need to focus on bringing them up to speed.

I know I’ve said this before, but this time it’s the truth. The main LivVerse group (and some rare outer lying folks) are a very close knit group and we all know each other outside of Twitter. Some of us are even best friends. Lovers. Siblings. So, remember one thing: Not every Creed is written by me or Jay. You never know who the minds are behind certain accounts and you never know who is watching you, so watch your steps.

The LivVerse will still be open to new members but now there are restrictions. You don’t get immediate entry as it used to be. You will be put through certain paces (unless I know who the writer is). Now, all that’s there will remain (save for a few who’ve either gone inactive or have ceased to RP). But as for newcomers, it’s going to be a different ballgame. Again, because of verse drama and people I could really care less for at this point. And honestly, I’m tired of Verse drama. This ceased to be fun and by golly, I'm determined to make it fun again.

Lastly, the LivVerse isn’t something to be reckoned with. Remember this next time you decide to fuck with me or mine. We don’t forgive, and we sure as hell don’t forget.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 21:54, March 14, 2014 (UTC)

February 4, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

It's been a month and I am going to try to do these in the beginning of the month and at least once a month to let everyone know of crucial changes, character additions, subtractions, and etc. 

For starters, Qwiby (Valveson'Reashi) and his father, Captain Icsasi'Reashi vas Qwib Qwib are departing the LivVerse. This was a decision made by the writer himself and can be found on the LivVerse wiki under his blog for everyone to read if they so desire. He's made a decision to step back and focus on real life and I have supported this decision 100%. I am deeply saddened because we lost one of our verses' only quarians and he will be missed greatly. I will definitely miss drawing on his mask to pass the time. 

He was a great quarian and he will always have a place in the verse if he desires to come back. 

Second, the LivVerse is about to go through a massive transformation based on talking with other writers. Recently we have acquired Master Chief, Nitro (an OC Spartan from the Halo franchise), Willow (Dragon Age RP), and Selby Melek. This get me to thinking: what if? 

All of my crazy hairbrained ideas always come from this "what if" sceario and they have worked so far, right? 

Okay, so. LivVerse is Mass Effect based. Always has been, always will be. My established characters will always be Mass Effect based. That won't change. But I'm going to run a storyline with Dr. Celeste Aurora (@Mother_Kaine) about the conduit and this will become the main thing going on in the galaxy. What exactly is going to happen will be revealed as time goes on, but it will open the door to places like having Kirkwall, Pandora, and other popular fantasy/fiction locations to our disposal, which in turn, opens up the verse for characters from those locations without having them bound by the Mass Effect mechanics. This will also elimate the scratching of the head in confusion. 

Which means, logically, people like Master Chief and WIllow can exist here without some paradox making the verse collapse on itself. 

Thirdly, the next few points are mainly for those tied closely to Olivia. I'm going to say first that I am not tired with the LivVerse by any means or with Olivia. I've put too much blood, sweat, and tears into this verse and into her to have it collapse. However; she will be multiversing. This has become prevalent with roleplays with Desmond Shepard, whom I know the writer of. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but if she says something that seems off from what you all are used to seeing, then it's tied to another Verse. I will make a point to hashtag the verse that I am currently in when doing indirect tweets so that you'll know exactly where I am at all times so there will be no confusion as to which one to reply to. You can always find LivVerse Liv in Guilty Pleasures, a club she is opening in the place of Purgatory on the Citadel. 

This leads to my fourth point. Small location change. In sub canon I am having Aria return to Omega and Purgatory being converted to Liv's Burlesque/Cabaret club called "Guilty Pleasures." As for the theme and motif, it's a BDSM style club with shows and such. Now, as for the more adult aspect of it, that will stay within DMs and behind "closed doors." But for all intents and purposes, it's a massive bar with nightly "shows", not a strip club. 

As for Carmen and Olivia and why Carmen is absent on a regular occasion is because a lot of their role plays happen via Skype. Carmen's writer and I are very close and we have decided to put a lot of their role play in a more verbal forum. So don't think Carmen is missing from Olivia's life because he's definitely there. Most of the conversations that transpire between them confuse people to no end, especially in reference to the "Creed', so we've decided it's just easier that way. 

Also, there is something going on between Olivia and Chief again. And we will leave that right there. :)

Now, this is a very important part of this announcement and the reason why I decided to do it in the first place. There has been some issues revolving villains in this verse and related concepts. Villains are meant to harm, maim, and cause general havoc. It's what they do. If Olivia gets roughed up, then so be it. I guarantee you she will not die because I'm too egotictical and I understand the implications of her death and how this will affect the entire verse. However, you all must understand she is a fighter and will fight to her last breath. Having a husband and children don't change anything about her psyche in that respect.

There are only two characters allowed to be completely invincible in this Verse and that's Alistair Creed and Axomis Blackcloak. What's the point in having a character that can't be hurt? That's godmodding and that will get you alienated by people and yelled at by me. In addition, there are so many reasons behind why Axie and Ali are allowed to be this way, but this is what it is. They are established characters and again, I know the writers for them. Unless you are them, then both parties need to leave that fight with some blood spilt. This is non-negotiable. 

Another thing: If someone like Dacrai (or someone who you're like Whaaaaa?) shows up and roughs Olivia up, then please don't be alarmed. This is a writer I know very well testing out his characters on Olivia. Again a "what if" scenario. Nothing that happens with this is canon. Axomis, The Assassin, and Charles Turner are the verse's reigning canon villians and unless I make an update, this is all we have. We might have another one, but that's in the stages and will be unveiled soon. 

There aren't any rules in this Verse but one: be respectful to your fellow writer. I don't want to see personal insults, personal shots, or anything of the like on the TL. Regardless of what's going on, I'm not going to stand for drama. I have been through enough and honestly, I don't want to see it in this verse. There is no negotiation with this. At all. End of discussion. 

I know this is a long one, but it's one that I felt needed to be done and things had to be said and laid out in a forum everyone can read instead of me checking 50 DMs and explaining the situation 50 times. Savvy? :)

Once again, have fun with this and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 09:35, February 4, 2014 (UTC)

January 11, 2014

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Happy New Year! This is 2014, and this year will bring new things for me. I have decided that I will be having more fun on Twitter and not taking everything so damn seriously anymore. Dylan and Voilet will be my exit strategy. xD.

For the last few days, I've been ill and doing nothing but thinking. 

This is what happens when I think. 

This announcement will be broken into two parts. The first part is the lengthy one, as it's the one that's the most important to certain characters. The second part is more of an update than an announcement. However, there's going to be some comedy arising soon in the Verse, as Olivia's children will be here soon (shameless self promotion). Anyway, here it is. 

Part One

Attention: This part only refers to the Crew of the Normandy SR3 (Jared, Briella, Katie, Cadence, Ren, Sophia, Jason, and Sam) as this revolves around them. 

It's time for some Steven Hawking shit for a damn good Campaign. 

Now, try to follow my logic here. 

Setting: The Citadel and (maybe Earth). 

Plot: When the Cronos II (Cerberus HQ) exploded, it opened up a rift in the space time continuum. The shockwave of the explosion clipped the Normandy SR3 and sent it careening through a wormhole, transporting them into parallel version of the LivVerse (which is an AU to the Mass Effect Story Canon anyway xD). When they arrive, they come to find out that this verse's Katie is wanted for murder and she is immediately arrested. The crew, with the help of the Kaines, have to race against time to save her from execution and get back to their own time. 

This is where the fun starts. 

Characters: The crew of the SR3. 

In the Parallel universe: 

  1. Jared Kaine is deceased, due to a childhood exposure to Eezo. 
  2. Briella Kaine is alive. She's a BioTech Enginner, scientist, and heir to the Kaine fortune. 
  3. Katie Birchall is Kathryn Blackcloak in this verse, she's evil and aligned with her father, Axomis Blackcloak. 
  4. Cadence Lee succumbed to his illness right after his prototype omni-tool hit the market. 
  5. Ren Kirahhe is head of the STG.  
  6. Sophia Brown is the pilot for the Destiny Ascension. 
  7. Sam Birchall is alive, but he's now a scientist like his father. 
  8. Jason Turner died in the Reaper War trying to defend London from the Reapers.

For those that are alive in this verse, don't worry about a Paradox or meeting your other characters. Also, you don't need to create an account for them either. You'll only meet the Kaines. Yes, Daniel might show up, but don't fret. He's not psychotic. As for the elder characters (Norah and the Creeds, Auroras, and others), they aren't relevant, so you (me) don't have to dust them off for them to appear. However, there are a few twists and turns with what I've got for Olivia and certain characters. 

But to make this work, we will have to go back a few days in RP. However, nothing of what we've been doing is story relevant anyway so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. :-D

Part Two

Attention: This part is for everyone else.  Back in the LivVerse: Of course, Cerberus is no more. There may be some splinter groups out there, but Cerberus is done. Daniel Kaine is dead, thanks to his bat shit crazy daughter, Briella. Olivia is going to have her twins in a few days, and the Enigma will be returning home. However, the SR3 is missing, along with it's crew. No remnants of the SR3 have been found, which is a good thing. Keep this in mind in the coming days. 

I think I'm done ranting. Let's have fun with this and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 03:32, January 12, 2014 (UTC)

December 28, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Thanks to Patrick, I remembered that I had an announcement to make. 

I've kinda ditched the campaign page because it's become slightly irrelevant. However Jamie, Jay, and I are terribly excited for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow the Verse will shift. Tomorrow...all hell will break loose. 

It might start tonight. I apologize to Patrick and his writer in advance but, your party might be crashed by a certain villain that only the elder characters know and love to hate and hate to love. This is only a maybe, though. Depending on if I speak to his writer in a timely manner.

Tomorrow (possibly tonight) will be the kickstart of the "Cerberus War" in the LivVerse. This war will rage for a while (probably a week or two max), but it's our role play way of repositioning certain key characters and retiring others for good. Katie will become an N6 Fury Adept, Sam will graduate Basic and promote to Ensign, older characters will ride off into the sunset (Save Olivia and Carmen, their ride off will be after Olivia has the twins), and the Normandy SR-3 will become the ship of choice. (As the SSV Normandy SR3 and the Hope's Enigma were the previously reigning champs of the verse) 

Warning: Some characters will be debuted, others will find their demise. I won't divulge too much information, but jaws will drop. 

If I've spoken to you specifically, then you know your roles in this. You know what to do and when to do it. If you have any questions, then DM Katie or Jared, which is me or Jay respectively.

Side Notes:

  1. I, Karrin, will be using Katie Birchall as my main so if you need me that's where I'll be. Same with Jay. He's ditching Carmen for Jared Kaine. (@MyShepardCreed & @TheN7Lancer, respectively) Anyone else that would like to divulge on which accounts their writers are flocking to is up to them.  
  2. Please follow @CodenameAxomis today or as soon as you can. 
  3. Council members, (Hackett, T'Leena,  I'll need you in the coming time. Hackett's writer already has an idea on how this will go so, just follow Hackett's lead if you need direction. This will be a momentary thing, FYI. 

If there's anythng I'm leaving out, I guarantee Jay will tell me when he calls me. 

Other than that, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

December 20, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

I know everyone is wondering about the last announcement and why things aren't moving on the Cerberus War. 

Here's Why:

  1. Verse Drama. I won't go into too many details, but you know what happened. 
  2. People have been coming and going on Twitter. It's the holidays, so I figured this would happen. 
  3. I've been busy with shopping and cleaning my house. 

​I have spoken with Jay and we have decided to push the initial set of events to the week between Christmas and New Years, so those who do wish to be involved can have the time to involve themselves. This will be something huge in the verse, and I wanted to allow for the time for everyone's involvement. You'll know when it starts because Briella will be kidnapped by an old friend of ours and people will begin to mobilize. 

In reference to this, I think there's a full crew for the Normandy SR-3. We have Jared & Briella Kaine, Cadence Lee, Sam & Kate Birchall, Sophia Brown, Eva vas Neumann, and Ren Kirrahe. If anyone else would like to be part of the SR-3 crew, then please let me know. We have to find a way to write you into the story, blah blah....etc. 

Once this comes into fruition, then hopefully it should take off as fast as it was conceived. This will give us all something to do because at that point, we don't have to wait on certain people to progess story wize. We can do anything we so wish to do because it's a big ship. 

Last thing: From me to you all, Have a Merry Christmas!!

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

December 9, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.


Today's announcement will be probably the most important for everyone to see and hear so, here it is. 

The LivVerse is Shifting.

This spawned from a joke Jay and I made about how the titular character of the LivVerse, Olivia, is dead. To further the joke, I posted a comment on the TNN (Formerly the LVNN) twitter feed about how it's becoming the next generation.

Something clicked.

I spoke, and have spoken, with most of the writers in this verse and we have all come to a consensus. The #TonyVerse characters (Liv, Norah, Ali, Carmen, Jamie, Maya, etc), are going to be gracefully retired to make way for a new set of characters to set the tone of the Verse. 

Don't be afraid, the characters will return from time to time, but their actual "stories" have run their course and they will have their happily ever after. I have decided to run the verse more or less like an Anime, once a character's story is complete and told, the character will retire (or die...for the more villianous). This makes room for new characters and keeps the Verse spinning on it's axis. Which, leads me to my next point:


The Creeds (Livvy, Carmen, Alistair, Norah, Katie, etc) are about to go to war with an avowed enemy of their family lineage, the Kaines (at this point, pretty much Daniel and Cerberus). This will be another campaign, and probably the biggest and best I've (including Jay) have conceived. The details and background for the story will be posted in the Campaigns section of the Wiki when we get everything ironed out. There will be concepts that will make it's way around again (White Wolf) and I'm excited to let everyone into the deep story Jay & I have created.

I've gotten fairly positive feedback for this and any other feedback, let me know via DM, Kik, and Skype. 

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 27, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

For us Americans, Thanksgiving is just around the corner (tomorrow) and our foreign friends, most of us will be missing because of it. Qwiby is already offline for a few days and because I have obligations to the family and such, I will be too. Olivia/Norah/Katie (now Kate if you haven't noticed) will be offline starting at about 4:00pm PST until possibly Sunday December 1, 2013. I have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and a wedding on Saturday to attend. A full weekend, but I will be back. If you need me, get a hold of my via my real life Twitter account (@Karrin_Akisha) and I'll not have a problem talking with you. I just don't have the time for a full RP and don't want to diappoint anyone by not replying. 

I might be gone, but I'll be monitoring all of the LivVerse because that's what I do. So, please don't burn down anything and remember to lock your doors when you leave and such. 

Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you all on Twitter. 

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 25, 2013


Yes, the golden girl has returned. Maya might be coming back. So stay tuned. 

Original Message: 

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Today will be a bittersweet day in the LivVerse and you'll see why. 

First, the post to my Main Account was real. Now, let me explain why it has been done.

Also, you're going to see my accounts become locked one by one. 

I've been having some personal issues, it's the holidays, and that's why Olivia has been missing more and more lately. This has nothing to do with the actual "people" in the LivVerse as of current. But between juggling my real life (which is partly in shambles), and Twitter, I can't possibly do both. Plus, Wiki editing, and FanFiction writing added into the mix doesn't help at all. So, I thought about what needed to give and the thing that kept coming to mind was the RP. 

However, I had a very long heart to heart talk with Jay (Alistair and Carmen's writer) last night and into the wee hours of the morning. (It also was because he'd called me the moment the post hit the TL and he was like "what happened??!?") 

What came of this is the complete revamping and restructuring of the characters and the relationships in the LivVerse. We have realized that this is a "universe:" It's vast and wide; not all characters need to hover around each other and interact with each other. I will be going through the list and making some changes, mostly additions and subtractions. Some characters are defunct, some need to be added. But I will handle this within the next few days. As for characters, there will be some that are resurrected, some that will change, and some that will ride into the sunset and live happily ever after. 

Here's what's going to happen:

  • Cerberus: Cerberus will be staying put exactly how it is and will still be the main cause of villainy in the Verse. Daniel, Briella, and Jason will still be the antagonists of the Verse and will begin a campaign to antagonize everyone more and more, but on a lesser scale than the Cerberus takeover of the Citadel and ICT. But one, if not all three, will be active. 
  • Alistair & Norah Creed: The "Grandparents" of the Verse will finally be retiring from the Alliance. They will be settling down on a garden world and gracefully riding off into the sunset to live the rest of their lives in peace and together with their "new" family. But it's Alistair and Norah: they will pop up if needed. As I've mentioned before Jay writes for both Carmen and Alistair and he has decided to change his main account from Alistair to Carmen for me and because of other reasons. I know Carmen has been in the background for some time and no one knows of him as much as Alistair, but we are integrating the elder Creed brother more into the story of the Verse and bringing him more into the limelight with his wife, Olivia. 
  • Carmen & Olivia Creed: I think it's finally time to settle Olivia down in her ways. Her humor and charm won't change at all (Because she's Olivia Fucken Creed, that's why), but she will become more mellow and less crazy, also less dramatic than before. She is the titular character and needs to be the titular character. Which brings in Carmen, who will become the "King" to her "Queen" of the galaxy. Personality wise, she'll become more of a less formal, more renegade Shepard as time goes on. 
  • Sam & Katie: Katie and Sam have kind of taken over the Verse for the most part and this wasn't my goal by any means. However, they will still have their story arcs and their own drama to ensue, which includes a newish character named Cadence Lee (@ChronicCadence), and since Jason is still alive he'll be antagonizing them from time to time.
  • Jamie Alenko/Jamie Brooke: I spoke with Jamie's writer as well and we have figured to bring her back to her form. The Kaidan in my verse is worse than Tony with his absence, so we have decided to remove him from the Verse. As for what she decides to do witht he character is up to her. However, she'll have her own story arcs as another new character is brought back from the dead, Jared Kaine. Who he is and what he does will be revealed as time progresses, but it's obvious he's related to Daniel in some capacity.
  • Ranger Steele & Quinn Clarke: Not very many of you know who these two are, but they will be doing something similar to Alistair and Norah by gettig hitched and retiring to their Mansion on Bekenstein. One of the posts will be their wedding. However, if you need any weapons or equipment in my Verse, then talk to him. This will bring them more into the limelight and involve him more.

If I've forgotten anything else, please DM me and let me know. I didn't get much sleep because of brainstorming, so I'm sorry if I've forgotten anything. I'll make updates and changes to this announcement as necessary. 

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter. 

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 18, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

Maya's death. Yes, I know. It was a very upsetting moment for all of us. However, I knew about it beforehand. I know it came as a shock to everyone, but her writer was having issues with other writers and wanted to kill Maya. I also allowed said action to happen as Maya's writer and I are friends and this death was cleared with me beforehand. But for those who know the writer know that she can't stay away from us for too long and she'll be back, no doubt. If you have any questions about this, why she did the action, etc, please contact her via Maya's DM and she'll explain whatever she feels she wants to.

Cerberus. The second installment was a success and thank you for all of those who were involved. We collectively proved that LivVerse can be fun and serious at the same time. The campaign is still going; Cerberus isn't finished with us yet. Jay and I are cooking up some fun ideas to round it out with a bang. Obviously, there's way more plot twists to come, as I am the LivVerse M. Night Shyamalan. Expect for me NOT to indulge details about the upcoming events, but I will warn you if another full-scale attack will commence and I'll warn you ahead of time. 

I'm not that evil.....or am I?


The Council Chambers

Also, Council members. We need to get together sometime before friday and speak. I have something that I want to do but need the Council for this and they are an integral part of Alistair Creed's the sub-plot. We need to speak, rather it's on Skype as text, or whatever venue. But I need to speak with all of you at some point. Before Friday. 

Major thanks to Jay, Alistair's writer. He is my LivVerse Second-In-Command and he deserves a handclap. *claps* Also, much love to Jamie, the other brainchild behind a lot of things you see in the Verse. She is my Second-In-Command as well and one of my best friends.

I am creating a LivVerse News Network Twitter account (@LNNLV) for the posting of news like deaths, weddings, funerals, births, marriages, and the like. Update: It has been created and has followed most of LivVerse. 

Since I can't keep track of char creations and addition to the LivVerse, please DM me or @ mention me if you aren't part of the LivVerse list. I'm trying to balance a few things and trying to get people together is a mess. I would love it if you did. 



Spectre Maya T'Leena: Deceased

NorahCurrent zps2badd6d6

Vice Admiral Norah Creed: Deceased (supposedly)

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter. 

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 13, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

I'm baaaaaaack!!! :-) If you haven't noticed already....

I promised you an announcement yesterday, but I was just too lazy to do anything so, here it is today. 

We have two new Councilors that I have chosen: Matriarch T'Leena and Captain Icsasi'Reashi for the Asari and Quarians, respectively. I don't have a grand plan to get them onto the council, so let's just say that they were chosen recently. Now we have Councilors Hackett for the Humans (@HackettCouncil), Matriarch T'Leena for the Asari (@MatriarchTLeena), and Icsasi'Reashi for the Quarians (@Qwib_Master). For those chosen, remember you are the leaders of the galaxy and the representatives for your respective peoples. I'm not saying don't have fun with it, but do so in moderation. (This means you racist bosh'tet xD)

Update: I have postponed the versewide Cerberus campaign until this Friday. Things have come up with the other major writer involved and he won't be completely free until Friday. That's when we have both decided it'll go down. It will emcompass two main locales: The Citadel and ICT Luna Base (possibly Creed Castle if I'm feeling truly dramatic). If you are at any of those places (most of you are on the Citadel probably) then it will affect you so be ready fro some Cerberus action.

I must say this, because this has become an issue lately. If you haven't noticed, the #LivVerse and #MattVerse are rivals. There's a reason behind it and I won't go into too much detail, but drama has occured and I will make this statement now: 

The verse I have created is for fun. Which means, if a few of the characters have a party and get drunk, then I have no qualms about it whatsoever. That's the point of this. TO HAVE FUN. I have a lot of familial issues that center around me and this verse is my escape. This is my forum to vent, have fun, and congregate with friends. I expect you all to do the same. If any issues arise between writers, please bring them to my attention or to @MyDarkCreed's so that we can solve them ASAP.

As for characters, please don't equate the character to the writer. 

For example: it's no surprise, but I write for Norah Creed as well. Norah's personality is an odd mix of a more caring Riza Hawkeye (when she wants to be) and a slightly renegade FemShep. She is also a hardass, and can sometimes be a total bitch when she wants to be. This is the way I have established her character. Now, you all know me and I am no where near her level of bitchery. This is my point. Get to know the writers before you make a judgment. 

This verse that I've created is a combination of the extinct #TonyVerse and the now extinct #CreedVerse. Which means there are some Creed leftovers from that Verse. I am going to add a page specifically for the three seperate familes of the LivVerse at one point. But one thing after another. 

CERBERUS first. 

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter. 

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 8, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. It's me again.

So, N7 Day was bittersweet for me. It started off promising, then personal issues came into play. However, it ended epic. Thank you for those that were there and witnessed the graduation and subsequent fight (Qwibs, Sammie, Rio, & Shale). It was pretty hard to pull off, but it was epic, nevertheless. 

I will be going on vacation as of tomorrow and won't be back until the 12th. I'll be lurking and hanging about, but I am going to use the time to craft the campaign for next week. Like I said, it centers around Norah and Alistair, but will affect everyone on a broad scale. So, be ready for some fun stuff. I'll also be playing a little more with Project Norah to progress the story and will be pleasantly writing out Olivia for the weekend with her fiance, Carmen. 

Hang on should be an adventure. 

And welcome four new #LivVerse members: @TSoniLiara & @Tali_Rannoch and their children!! Give them a big LivVerse welcome. 

Once again, have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter. 

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

November 6, 2013

Hey LivVerse tweeps. I'm so glad to have you all as friends and part of my verse. It's an honor to have you all here with me and sharing with me the chronicles of the Creed Family and numberous others. My wish is to bring different people in so we can have some epicness and that will happen as time progresses. 

The main purpose of this section is due to some Verse and Character issues that have arisen (*coughs* Tony..asshole *coughs*), I've decided to do things a bit differently. I don't want anyone to feel left out or feel as though they aren't a significant part of this Verse. From the main charcaters to the lesser known and temporary, you are all an integral part of this and for that, you are just as special as the next person. Never forget that. 

A few things

  • If you make a page for a character, please sign up for an account with this page so I can monitor what gets edited and by who....this means you, Shale. ;-)
  • All Character pages are left to the writers. I have way too many things to juggle and can't be arsed with making and tracking character movements. I am creating sort of "campaigns" for the Verse to keep it spinning on it's axis and keep it fresh with things to do. You know I can't keep still and have everyone be too happy in their little worlds, now can I? :-)
  • Councilor Hackett is being written by someone new, as once again, I just couldn't juggle everything. And since the Council at this point only consists of him, I need Councilors. Right now, we're up to one, maybe three if I beg my dearest Jay to port over his Garrus to the LivVerse. Standing at this point, I need a krogan, salarian, and quarian for councilor. Talk to me if you want to either make one, be one, or what have you. 
  • Just have fun because this is the point of this. If you go OOC, that's alright. That is a way for everyone to get to know the writer behind the character. 
  • And lastly, anyone causing uneccessary drama will get blocked, unfollowed, and booted.
    • Transcript of my rant last night:
      • My writer has had time to calm down and think about things. Now, there will be a new agenda for me and my writer. For those who know me and my writer...then you know exactly what's going to happen. For those that don't....then you'll definitely see. I realized that this is the LivVerse, named after me, and I'm the bitch running the show. If you don't like it, unfollow and block. As for the Tony situation, if I hear one more thing about it, then you will be unfollowed and blocked. End of discussion. Don't like it...then tough titties. What my character did in the past is in the past. Keep flying the "whore" or "cheater" banner over my head and you will be blocked and unfollowed. This is a new day and I am not going to tolerate the RL bullshit any longer. Now, with that said, I will change back to active tomorrow and we will start anew and fresh."

Now, I have put some things into place. This includes resurrecting an old character of mine: Project Norah. The ones who know of her all loved her and hated her because she was so awesome and badass, and one of the best villains I've ever written. In the coming days I have a galaxy-wide campaign for everyone to engage in that includes Cerberus. However, I will surprise everyone with the actual situation. All I have to say is keep posted, because if this is pulled off, this will be the most epic roleplay I've ever conjured. 

This will start in a smaller capacity as of today because the N6s of Alistair and Norah's ICT will be gradtating tomorrow on N7 Day....but the whole scheme of things will be revealed and come to a head on November 14th, 2013. It centers around Alistair and Norah, but will spread across the board so be ready to flex your character's muscles.

Remember: Tomorrow is N7 Day.....*gets excited all over again*

Have fun and I'll see you all on Twitter.

Sláinte!! ~ Kat Creed, (hiding as Olivia Marcellus) 01:19, December 29, 2013 (UTC)

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