"Consumebant quæ vos can. Dabit nihil desperantes et."
"Take what you can. Give nothing back." – The Marcellus Family Code.

The Marcellus Clan is a family of pirates descendant of the earthen pirates of lore. It's said that the Marcelluses descended from one of the very first pirates in existance: Gentius of Illyria. Over the course of time and through many generations, the surname of Marcellus was incorporated and the legend of the notorious pirate family grew.

Over time the Marcellus Clan kept it's pirate roots, but mostly faded off the radar. It wasn't until Captain Derek Marcellus came of age did the family's current rise to fame begin again. At a young age, he joined up with the all human pirate clan, the Order of the Crimson Shadows, and the Red Shadows' mottos weaved their way into the Marcellus Clan's values.

The First Generation


Captain Derek Marcellus



Never tell me the odds!

– Derek Marcellus

Captain Derek Marcellus is a human space pirate from San Fransicso, Earth who achieved galactic fame as he rose up the ranks of the Order of the Crimson Shadows and later became a notorious space pirate. Born on Earth, he was raised by his father, another Marcellus male, before his death when Derek was sixteen.

After his father's death he left Earth and met with his Uncle on Illium, another human space pirate by the name of Captain Marcellus (A pirate of near-mythical reputation), who later became his mentor and greatest ally. Captain Marcellus was also the Captain of the Order of the Crimson Shadows, an entirely human based pirate clan, and taught Derek everything he'd known about pirating and the family name.

Once Derek got of age, he supposedly "killed" the Captain (which was more of a switch of rank since the "Captain Marcellus" name gets periodically passed on to a chosen successor and the former was retiring for good), took over the Clan, and subsequently became a smuggler. He then fell in love with Ophelia Miller, a woman that stole his heart one night while out drinking in a bar. He later married her, and she bore him two sons: Malcolm Marcellus, and three years later, Marcus Marcellus. Soon after Marcus's birth, Derek left to go back to the life he'd promised her he'd leave. In a fit of rage Ophelia shot Derek in the chest and fled Earth.

Ophelia Marcellus



The end truly justifies the means.

– Ophelia Marcellus, to Olivia Creed.

Ophelia Marcellus is the new CEO of Cerberus and has cloaked herself under the moniker of "the Illusive Man" to hide her true identity from the general public.

The Second Generation


Malcolm Marcellus



When someone tries to kill you, you shoot them in the head. Because trying makes you weak.

– Malcolm Marcellus

Malcolm Marcellus,

Cpt. Marcus Marcellus



If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it...

Captain Marcus Marcellus, to Olivia as they were stealing the Diamond Rose

Captain Marcus Marcellus,

Olivia Creed



I'm a shoot first, ask questions never, steal your skip kind of girl.

– Olivia Creed

Olivia Creed, née Marcellus (she prefers “Miss Olivia” for associates, “Liv” or “Livvy” for those she is closest to, and "Madame Olivia" when in her club) is the half-human, half feline notorious space pirate with a heart of black gold. Olivia is first in line, above Lily, as one of two daughters of a love affair between Admiral Steven Hackett and Ophelia Marcellus.

Olivia, like Marcus and Lilly, was raised on Earth under the care of Marc and June Marcellus, Derek's brother and sister-in-law. They were abusive verbally and physically, and heavy Red Sand addicts. Olivia, being the middle child spent most of her childhood lying on the roof of their home and staring up at the stars, hoping for a better future than she’d been bestowed.

Eventually, she left home when she was sixteen because of her abusive relatives and took to space to become the space pirate she's known for being today. She also carried the title "Captain Marcellus" for a while until she settled down and relinquished it back to Marcus upon a switch of ownership over the name and the pirate clan. Now, she serves as the family’s financial standing, as well as the face of the Marcellus Clan.

Oliana Kryss



Semper Fidelis, motherfucker.

– Oliana Kryss

Oliana Kryss,

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